Hi there, I’m Sally, aka The Wine Traveller. I travel the world making a point of trying wines from different places. You’d be surprised at how drastically the tastes, flavours and colours vary throughout the world, even for the most novice of wine tasters.

Nowadays there are wines infused with all sorts of delightful twists, such as chocolate, chilli and even vegetables. I’ve always been a big fan of food and drink, but as soon as I tried my first Bordeaux 2004 I was hooked by the complexity of what can seem to the untrained eye as a simple process. I have been to the south of France several times helping out with harvesting the grapes and other processes along the way when I was younger, nowadays I like to travel to far away places giving advice to my readers, not only about wine but also travel destinations, travel tips and much more.

I Hope you enjoy my blog, please get in touch and let me know some of your own experiences. I am also on social media so maybe we could hookup there too. I also work with advertisers from time to time, as well as have guest writers appear, so likewise, please contact me with your ideas.

I have recently removed the contact form from this page as emails were getting lost. It seems there have been various problems with receiving contact form submissions for some time. The guaranteed way of getting in touch is by emailing direct at: the wine traveller1 @gmail.com

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