Lion’s Gate- South Africa – 2013 – 2.5/5

Wine Tasting 0 92

Lion’s Gate- South Africa – 2013

Country of Origin: South Africa

Type: Red

Strength: 13%

Region: Western Cape

Year: 2013

Grapes: Cabernet sauvignon shiraz

Price: £5.73 (on offer)

Producer: Lion’s Gate

Bought from: Tesco

Indent: Medium to large

Topper: Bottle Cap

Smell: Livestock and tannin

Comment Ste: Erm…tasty, rolls on the tongue and leave a soft, rolly after taste

Comment Chris: Great with cream crackers and cheddar. Quite heavy. 

Comment Hannah: Tastes good at first, but the after taste makes my face scrunch up

Comment Edra: aaaahhhhh! Not good enough to distract me from the drums


Overall Rating: 2.5./5

Other: Integrity and sustainability. Not the best of the night.


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