Wine For Dummies: Tips To Become A Wine Expert – Part 2

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Wine For Dummies: Tips To Become A Wine Expert

A trip to a winery requires advance planning. Create a budget prior to your visit, and enlist the services of a designated driver. Write out any questions you have and know which wines you enjoy.
It does not matter what color your wine is if you want a light one. The alcohol content is the same in red and white wine. However, white wines are smoother and lighter in taste. If you want a light wine, choose a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc.
Vintage represents the year of the grape harvest, not the bottling year of the wine. Grapes that were harvested in 1988 would be made into a 1988 wine. Those grapes are aged and fermented in large barrels until being bottled and sold. Most of the time it is not until the following year that the wine actually makes it to the retail world.
When tasting wine properly, you need to begin by tipping the glass to check the color. Swirl your glass and breathe in to smell the fragrant aromas of the wine. Sip the wine, swirl it around your mouth and spit it out.
Do not hesitate to use wine for drinking or to drink alone if you need to relax. Red wines can coax out the flavor of meat. White wine may be used to cook seafood dishes like scallops and fish. Just a little wine added during cooking brings out the flavors.
Try and isolate the flavors and smells you experience when tasting wine. This can help you to determine what fruits were used in wines. Secondary notes might include smoke, oak, honey and even gourmand notes like caramel or vanilla. Pay attention to these different aromas and it will become easier for you to recognize them.
Everyone may want to make a toast at a social event that has wine. This inevitably results in the distinctive sound of clinking wine glasses. If done incorrectly, your glass could shatter. This could lead to some embarrassment and quite the mess. To avoid this, angle it slightly so that your bells are aligned and that the rim is pointed away from the other person’s glass.
Don’t overlook wines that have screw caps. A lot of good quality varieties are being made with screw caps. Screw caps keep wine fresher than traditional corks. Smaller amounts of air can get in, and there is never any cork floating around. Some wineries have switched exclusively to screw-on caps.
You may find yourself getting set in what you like, but remember to have fun and experiment a bit. Trying other wines can help you to find an even better wine to make your wine of choice. Try something new, especially if it is recommended by the store clerk, and you may find a new favorite.
With your increased knowledge of wine, a menu or wine store should no longer intimidate you. You can enjoy a glass alone on a quiet evening or share some wine with your friends. As long as you put the above information to use you will quickly become an expert.

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