WINE-O! Bingo for Wine Lovers

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WINE-O! Bingo for Wine Lovers

In this day and age, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know how to play bingo, and nowadays, you can use the game in just about any activity.

In the past few years, bingo has evolved to become a popular pastime, thanks in part to its migration to cyberspace. The BBC reports that online bingo sites have grown from as few as 20 in 2004 to over 350 in 2012. With the industry earning as much as £340 million in the UK alone, it’s no surprise that variations of the game have emerged. In 2012, British supermarket chain Iceland Foods released their own version of the game with Iceland Bingo, and a hybrid form of bingo – more of a performance than anything else – has also been established in Rebel Bingo, with shows in London and various parts of the US. Its popularity has also given birth to the perfect gift for wine lovers: Wine-O.

Wine-O is the perfect party game for wine lovers, seamlessly integrating the classic game with elements from the wine industry. The game is simple: it replaces the numbers on the traditional bingo card with words related to wine, the bingo balls with corks that have the words on the cards imprinted on them, and daubers and bingo chips with small stones. The bingo cage can also be replaced with a wine barrel if you’d like.

The set comes with 12 game cards and approximately 150 stone markers, but if you’re throwing a big wine tasting event and are expecting more than 12 guests, you can also purchase additional cards and markers from CDA Gifts. The set also comes with some wine fun facts that you can turn read from throughout the game, making it an enriching experience for both experienced and novice wine lovers.



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