Experiment with your wine and food pairings to determine how best to enhance the flavor of each. Different combinations can provide interesting variety. Sure, you can play it safe, but part of the fun of being an avid wine lover is trying out new things.

Don’t reserve champagne for only weddings. Most people only consider champagne for something special. The fact is, champagne complements a wide range of foods. It is a great palate cleanser. It is best to pair champagne with foods that are on the salty side.

Go to wine tastings to taste new wines. Visit tastings frequently. Doing this can really teach you all about wine. Clear your palate between tastes.

Go to a seminar about wine history. Wine is a thing that you can really get into; it is very historical, and people love it. Discovering the origins of wine, how people make it, and all the different kinds are going to help you get a deeper understanding.

When tasting a wine for the first time, you should take a small sip and take a breath. Yes, you have to slurp it! Swish it around gently in your mouth to savor all of the wine’s undertones. Breathing in allows you to fully enjoy the complexities of the flavor and smell of the wine.

Carry around a notepad to keep track of all of the wine varieties you try. This can help you understand your palette better, so that you can easily see which wines you like. A simple notepad will do the job or record the information on a document easily saved online via your phone, tablet or pda.

You can pick your wine and then sell them later down the line. Look for one that isn’t currently in demand, as well as one that will hold up in storage until you’re ready to sell it. Doing a little research into the perfect temperature to keep the bottle will ensure that it tastes its best down the road.

If you are a frequent wine drinker, consider picking up some cheap wine glasses. By doing this, you won’t be devastated if you were to accidentally break your glass. There are many retailers where you can get glasses, so try discount stores for better deals. This will make it easier on your wallet when you have to eventually get more.

You want to drink white wine after it has had time to chill. Room temperature white wine tastes awful. For the best results, put your wine in the fridge a couple hours before you plan to drink it. You can speed up this process by placing the bottle in a bucket of ice water.

After you have mastered the fundamentals, you will be on a solid footing. There are some guidelines as to how to choose the perfect wine, but really it all comes down to personal preference. Find out which wines go well with your needs and allow your taste buds do the talking. Keep the tips here in mind as well.