Is Technology Capable Of Saving The Public Education

There is no doubt in it that technology is the new face for public education in the USA today. Millions of dollars are being spent every day on purchasing iPods and other such technological gadgets to hand to over to the students and teachers all around the country in classes as low as kindergarten. Many parents are screaming for it and department of Education in the US is also supporting it and because of this, these technology companies are benefiting and making good profit from it. There are two questions that come in mind and those are that is USA suffering from public education crises. The answer to this question seems to be yes given the current scenario going on in the USA. American students once were on the top for many years and now they are in the middle in the math tests and science tests when they are compared to the students of other countries.

When the scores of the tests of the American students are categorized by the income level, the real problems and the true differences with public education become very clear.

When the scores of the American students are further broken by the category of the students receiving reduced or free lunches, a very different picture takes place. The schools that have less than 10 percent student’s dependent on the subsidized lunch programs, the American students are in the top 5 in science and math both. In the schools where the more than 50 percent of the student population gets reduced lunch programs, the scores are way below the international rankings.

The poor results compared to international rankings are because of various factors that many people do not like admitting. For instance, America has quiet high rates of poverty, more income equity and also poor health care facilities. USA also has a great range of diversity compared to other countries with completely 25 percent or more public students as English as their second language. Moreover, many countries engage in the habit of selected the best students. The best students are selected early and put into the competitive programs for international tests and the ones who do not perform that well are put in the trade schools. This means that USA does not have public education crises; it has poverty crises in which the poor students are caught and cannot find a way to escape.

Here comes the second question that what is the fact that technology is the solution to the woes of public education. There is no such scientific evidence that technology has the capability to produce better and great educational outcomes like better grades or better preparation for higher education.

This means that well trained teachers are needed in the schools if the country wants the ranking of their students to go up. Instead of pouring money on the technology, money should be invested in training the teachers as a well trained teacher can help the students learn better.

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