STaaS, SECaaS And 6 Other Cloud Services You Didn’t Know Existed

Within Cloud Computing there are many types of public cloud network; the most commonly found ones are SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. However there is also a number of others, including: STaaS, SECaaS, DaaS, DBaas, TEaaS, APIaaS and BaaS. This handy guide will run you through the basics of these lesser known forms of cloud computing. If wanting to find information on the more well-known types please visit What is Saas, What is PaaS and What is IaaS. Thanks, I hope you enjoy reading the Lens

STaaS – Storage As A Service

STaaS – Storage as a Service – STaaS is fairly self-explanatory, the basics behind the STaaS service is that the cloud provider rents out storage space on their infrastructure in return for a monthly fee. The reason STaaS can be appealing is due to economies of scale within the service’s infrastructure, this leads to providers being able to rent out space at a lower cost than your average business would be able to provide its own storage solutions. Storage as a Service is often seen as an option to solve the problem of offsite storage backup

SECaaS – Security As A Service

SECaaS – Security as a Service acts as an outsourcing model for computer and network security services. Security services on offer include things such as anti-virus, anti-spyware/adware and intrusion detection. When considering the cost of ownership, SECaaS can be a cheaper alternative to having your own individual or corporate security protection.

DaaS – Data As A Service

DaaS – Data as a Service – often referred to as more of a sibling to SaaS (Software as a Service) rather than being its own outright category. Data as a service allows consumers to use a provider’s data on demand anywhere over a network connection (usually the internet). DaaS providers both cleanse and enrich the data and then offer it to different users, programs or applications.

TEaaS – Test Environment As A Serivce

TEaaS or Test Environment as a Serivce (or “On-demand test environement) is a model used to enable users to test software. This is done by allowing users to store the software and its associated data in the cloud, this is then accessed through a web browser over an internet connection.

APIaaS – Application Programming Interfaces As A Service

APIaaS – Application Programming Interfaces as a Service – Application Programming Interfaces as a Service is another fairly self-explanatory service, it provides consumers with a service to build and store API’s

BaaS – Backend As A Service

BaaS – Backend as a Service – Backend as a service is sometimes referred to as MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service). This model of cloud computing allows for consumers to link their applications to back end cloud storage while providing other such features including push notifications, internation with social media and user management. BaaS is a comparatively new development within the cloud computing universe, with mainstream BaaS services being offered from around 2011. The global BaaS industry is currently worth around £135 Million.

AaaS – Analytics As A Sevice

AaaS – Analytics as a Sevice – Analytics as a Service is a cloud platform that allows users to access powerful analytics tools hosted within the cloud. This is a developing area within the cloud computing world and industry experts are expecting more and more companys within more and more industrys to take advantage of this technology. More information on this topic can be found on Big Data and Cloud Computing – Perfect Partners?

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